Welcome to Sharon’s Craft-N-Floral Center

241 Belgrade Avenue, North Mankato, MN 56003

Issues Important To Sharon

  • Continue the open communication practiced by existing board member, Will Purvis
  • Health Care in Rural Area includes keeping elderly loved ones at home and having the available services to do so
  • Clean Energy - Including solar, wind, and water
  • Rapidan Dam
  • Erosion caused by water including ravine and river problems. Also includes discussions on setbacks and buffer zones
  • Mining operations
  • 3rd crop alternatives
  • Sustainable farming
  • Feedlots and manure management
  • Housing density includes fringe overlay district and subdivisions
  • Product marketing for small operators which includes the Farmers markets and CSA’s as well as Cottage Foods registration and licensing
  • Tourism
  • Zoning

Sharon’s background and qualifications:

Sharon grew up and lives currently on a Century Farm. She milked cows, raised ducks, geese and chickens.  Sharon was a previous member of the Rapidan Raiders 4-H Club.

Sharon holds a mining permit on a portion of her farm. Materials from this pit were used in the construction of the North Star Bridge.

Sharon is a Graduate of Minnesota State University and holds a teaching degree in Business Education and Social Studies. Her teaching experience includes classroom instruction at Waldorf, MN, homebound instruction in district 77, substitute teaching at Mankato Vo-tech (now known as SCC), and Special Teacher/Work Evaluator at St. Peter State Hospital.

In 1968, Sharon and her husband Al started a business from scratch in North Mankato called The Broaster. Al ran the store and Sharon kept the books, baked desserts, made salads, and helped in the store. When crafts were coming into the scene they switched to a craft store and renamed it Sharon’s Craft-N-Floral Center, in 1974.

The economy changed and both Sharon and Al had to seek work, which continued up to the time when Al got sick five years ago. Two of the more significant jobs Sharon held were:

    • 5 years as the Accounts Receivable Accountant at Mankato Lutheran Home where she handled the Medicare, Medicaid and Private Pay accounts.
    • 21 Years at Minnesota State University, primarily in the Registrar’s Office.

As a constituent of Blue Earth County, Sharon has had the unique experience of having been on the receiving end of the Eminent Domain process when the homestead on her farm was condemned for the construction of County Highway 90.